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Sae Jin Intech Emergency Towing System is Designed to meet the requirement of SOLAS Regulation, SOLAS/V/15-1 & IMO / MSC / 35(63), and supplementary requirements give by the classification societies.
SOLAS Requirement-SOLAS/V/15-1 & IMO/MSC/35(63)
Under regulation V/15-1 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as amended by resolution MSC.35(63) in 1994, new and existing tankers of 20,000 tonnes deadweight and above shall be fitted with and Emergency towing arrangemant, the desighn and construction of which shall be approved by the Administration, based on the guidelines developed by the Organization.
The Emergency Towing Arrangemants should be so designed as to facilitate salvage and emergency towing operations on tankers primarity to reduced the risk or rapid deployment in the absence ofmain power on the ship to be towed and easy to the towing vessel.
E.T.S 4000 FS-SJ = 2000kN for tankers above 20,000 DWT (Classifications : ABS.BV.DNV.KR.LR.NK.RINA.)

Arrangement for E.T.S 4000 FS - SJ Location : Bulwark at forward of ship(On Deck)
Applied Ship : For tankers above 20,000 DWT
Satety Working Load : 2000 kN
Minimum Breaking Load : 4000kN
Bow(Pawl) Chain Stopper Bow(Pawl) Chain Stopper
SWL : 2000kN
MBL : 4000kN
Applied Ship : Over 20,000 DWT
SWL : 2500kN
MBL : 5000kN
Applied Ship : Over 350,000 DWT
Ships likely to SPM¡¯s should be equipped with bow chain stoppers designed to accept 76mm chafe chain
(OCIMF Third Edition - 1993)
Chafing Chain Fairlead
The chafing chain should be extended 3 meters beyond
fairlead overboard.
Material garde : Grade U3.Stud link
Size : 76 mm diameter x 8.9 m
SWL : 200 tonnes
Proof load : 307 tonnes
Nominal breaking load : 438 tonnes
The fairlead is steel casting for welding structure.
It is designed for a rated working strength of 2000kN(MBL4000kN) at a side of ¡¾90¢ª and 30¢ª downwards.
Two(2) bow fairlead are recommended for ships of over 150,000 DWT

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