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1986.02    Established of SaeJin Industrial Co., Ltd
1987.10    Production of Gas Fitting & Wing Nut / Export to DCI in America

1991.10    Development of Neck Ring for high pressure vessel - localization
1991.07    Development of Foam Monitor used on ships - localization
1992.05    Development of Spray Nozzle for ships - localization
1993.01    Registration of subcontractor with HyunDai Heavy Ind.Co., Ltd
1994.10    Registration of subcontractor with Dae Woo Heavy Ind.Co., Ltd
1996.12    Development of Hydraulic Bucket / Export to Japan
1997.07    Development of high pressure vessel v/v protection cap
1998.02    Development of Emergency Towing System for tankers
2000.05    Development of Roller Fairlead made of steel plate
2000.06    Moving to new factory at Noksan Industrial Complex

2001.10    Export parts for crane to MES / Japan
2003.12    Development of New Chain Compressor(Adjusting Type)
2004.03    Development of Telescopic Radar Post for Container Vessel
2004.12    Development of Universal Swivel Fairelad
2007.05    Moved head office to Juchon-myeon in Gimhae-si
2007.06    Change of company name into Sae Jin Intech Co.,Ltd
2009.09    Established of affiliated company"SAEJIN TMS"
                 (Manufacturing EHV Transformer)
2011.02    Moved to New factory at Hwa-jeonIndustrial Complex in Busan city
2011.09    Development of Steel type HHP Anchor

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